I am a senior researcher working at Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science. I am a theoretical physicist closely collaborating with experimentalists in the area of quantum information science, quantum optics, and nanophotonics. My research interests cover various topics geared towards the development of quantum nanophotonic technology, including

  1. quantum optics and nanophotonics

    • quantum metrology, sensing and imaing

    • quantum state and measurement engineering

    • quantum state, process, and detector tomography

  2. quantum computing

    • quantum algorithms and quantum complier/transpiler

    • Hamiltonian engineering and quauntum gates

    • noise analysis and error mitigation

I received a Ph.D. degree from Hanyang University, Republic of Korea, in 2011. After working at Hanyang University (Korea), National University of Singapore (Singapore), Korea University (Korea), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), and Korea Institute for Advanced Study (Korea), I moved to Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science in 2021.

Post-doctoral position is available! See this for the detail.